Instructions for Linux- VPN access


  • Download / Install Cisco AnyConnect Software
  • To establish a VPN connection, the computer must be connected to an Internet service provider (e.g. Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, MDCC, ...).


General Configuration

  • Connect to:
  • Group: 1-VPN@Home
  • Username: Ihr Benutzername
  • Password: Ihr Passwort


  • Open a terminal window and switch to your desktop or to the folder where you saved the file.
  • Extract the file with the command tar xzf anyconnect-linux-versionsnummer.tar.gz
  • Switch to SuperUser mode and enter your password.
  • Then change to the folder ciscovpn
  • Now install AnyConnect using the command ./
  • Close the terminal and call AnyConnect (Computer > Other applications > Internet).

Establishing the VPN connection

  • Next enter the in the input field Connect to click on Select.
  • In the next two input fields enter your Username and Password 
  • Click Connect to connect.

Terminating the VPN connection

  • To do this, click Disconnect in the AnyConnect Client window or right-click on the AnyConnect icon (closed padlock) in the taskbar and select Disconnect.

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