Wi-Fi access with eduroam

The wireless network eduroam allows users to access the network infrastructure of other universities from the WLAN as well as unrestricted services on the Internet. For this purpose, users with an account at University A are allowed to log on to the wireless network of University B with this account, provided that both universities participate in roaming (see location overview). This means that guests from other universities can use the Wi-Fi (eduroam) at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.

Eduroam off Campus

In a pilot project together with Magdeburg-City-Com GmbH (MDCC), the eduroam network has been broadcast at the public "otto hotspot" in the Magdeburg city area since July 2020. Thus, for example, along the Breite Weg between Universitätsplatz and Hasselbachplatz, on the Alter Markt, Domplatz, in the zoo or the Elbauenpark, it is possible to access the scientific network without restrictions and to pursue one's studies or scientific work.

Detailed information can be found in our press release (in German).

An overview of all locations can be found at MDCC (in German).

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