Shibboleth at the University of Magdeburg

For authentication and authorization for web applications and web services, the computer centre offers a so-called Single-sign-On (SSO) system from Shibboleth. Service providers and administrators at the OVGU can use this service. The exact procedure and settings must be clarified with the URZ in each individual case (contact see below).

How does Shibboleth work?

If you want to access an application which is protected with Shibboleth login, your request will be forwarded to the Shibboleth Identity Provider of the University of Magdeburg. You will be asked to log in with your username and password. After successful login you can use the requested web application. If you want to use other Uni-Shibboleth applications within the same browser session, you can do so without re-authentication.


  • Set your browser to accept cookies.
  • Do not set bookmarks for the login page (
  • At the moment there is no way to log out of Shibboleth (Single-Log-Out). It may be that some applications offer "Logout" buttons and you can log out from the application. But you will be logged in again automatically when you visit the application again within the same browser session. To logout please close the browser to avoid that other users continue working under your user account! By closing the browser it is ensured that all cookies linked to the Shibboleth login are deleted.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the IT-Service-Point:

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