Recording with Mediasite

Mediasite is a video platform that provides a video catalogue in addition to its own recording system. OVGU currently has two permanently installed recorders. The following features of Mediasite can be made available to OVGU staff:

  • On-demand access to videos
  • Video import
  • Accompanying materials to a video can be provided via download links
  • User interaction possible during the on-demand presentation (e.g. questions to the speaker, voting)
  • Administration of own catalogues
  • Analysis of usage statistics
  • Access control

Recording of lectures and events

It is possible to record lectures and events and make them available  via our Mediasite-Server.

When recording lectures, besides the camera signal, slides (or presentations used in a lecture via a beamer, document camera) can also be recorded. This means that both the image of the lecturer and the presented slides are available to the student in the video stream.

The videos are currently managed in a catalogue by faculties and central institutions. The release of the videos can be determined individually (university members, participants of a course, ...).

Own videos

In addition to the lecture recording, it is also possible to store other (own) video material on the mediasite server. This can be teaching videos, conference recordings, project descriptions, etc. Videos to be imported must be in MP4 format.

Video catalog

Videos can be stored in the main catalogue of the OVGU or in a separate catalogue (e.g. for an institute, project, ...). The structure of the main catalogue depends on the organisational structure of the OVGU (faculties, institutes, central institutions, etc.). If necessary, a separate catalogue can be requested. The structure and layout of the catalogue can then be determined by the user. 

Access rights

Each catalog or section in a catalog can be granted different access rights. You can decide at the time of application whether

  • the videos worldwide
  • campus-wide (login with OVGU account) or
  • special user groups (participants of seminars or conferences)

are accessible.

Request for access

Any employee of the OVGU can use this service. Student requests are decided individually.

Last Modification: 27.10.2020 - Contact Person: IT-Service