Video conference room

The computer centre offers the members of the Otto-von-Guericke University the possibility to use a video conference room.

This can be used for different situations due to its equipment:

  • Video conferences
  • Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Presentations
  • Defences / Dissertations
  • ...

The video conference room is located in building 26.1-010 (G26.1-010).

Room equipment

  • Video conference system
  • Two Full-HD cameras for two modes
    • Presenter - View of speaker
    • hall - view of the seats in the room
  • Audio system (boundary microphone, ceiling loudspeaker)
  • Full-HD control monitor
  • Two Full-HD projectors
  • Laptop / Notebook for the lecturer / teacher / moderator
  • Presenter
  • Various adapters (e.g. DiplayPort-to-HDMI, ...)
  • Infinitely variable room lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • 30 seats
  • 20 Thin-Clients (designed for a variety of uses) 
  • WLAN / Wifi (OvGU-802.1X and eduroam)
  • 2 LAN ports for guests (for external lecturers, etc.)


A booking is required in order to use the video conference room. The bookings of the room can be viewed in the LSF. Booking can be done directly via LSF (please contact your LSF commissioner (LSF-Beauftragte/r)) or via IT-Service (Web:; Mail:

Room Overview

VC-Raum Schematisch

Video conference room Overview

Use of media equipment

The whole media and viedo-conference equipment in the room can be operated via the touch display located at the speaker's seat. Below you can download a document explaining how to use it.

How to use media hardware

Use of room lighting

The lighting in the room can be operated at the central control unit (behind the speaker's seat on the wall).

Videoconferenceroom Light

Holding a Videoconference

Setting up a video conference or dialing into a virtual conference room (which you received when you booked the video conference room) is very easy and requires no special knowledge.

How to set up a video conference

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