The University Computing Centre (URZ) is responsible for the planning, installation and secure operation of the university's information and communication infrastructure as well as central network services and servers.

It is the competence centre for IT questions of users and ensures the professional participation in the further development of IT resources such as hardware, software and data networks at the OVGU. The URZ, in coordination with the Equipment and IT Commission, represents the university in IT matters and organises cooperation with other university computer centres.

The URZ is divided into four departments, which provide corresponding services:

  • URZ-N | Department Networks and Communication
    • Maintenance of the infrastructure for the university data network and the necessary server services.
  • URZ-S | Department Central Systems
    • Provision of central computing resources (server, storage, data backup) and support of special servers.
  • URZ-P | Department Workplace Computer and Pools
    • Support of computer pools and computer workstations for teaching and research of staff and students as well as development and campus-wide provision of the necessary infrastructure.
  • URZ-A | Applications Department
    • Central software supply for the university, provision of central applications and portals.

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