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Closure of the URZ due to the current Corona pandemic (Covid-19)

15.12.2020 -

Due to the current Corona pandemic (Covid-19), all office hours will be conducted digitally and by phone only from 16th December 2020 until probably 14th February 2021.

You can still reach us by email it-service@ovgu.de and by phone +49 391 67 58888.

Please note the changed service times.

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Video conferencing solution Jitsi Meet discontinued

20.07.2020 -

The temporary video conferencing solution Jitsi Meet at meet.ovgu.de has been discontinued.

As alternatives, Zoom and two Big Blue Button installations at the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Mathematics are available to all OVGU employees and students.

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Printing in the URZ

05.05.2020 -

The printers in the URZ are not available until further notice due to the closure of the public area.

Since 1st October 2019 the printers and copiers in the University Library can be used with the same print and copy credit as in the URZ. In the course of this, the printing and copying costs in the library were also adjusted to the level of the URZ.

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