Moodle (

The central Moodle platform is available at The following features come with the platform:

  • is only accessible via secure transmission protocol HTTPS
  • users are authenticated by Shibboleth Login
  • Last name, first name and Email address (no more changes possible in Moodle) are synchronized via Shibboleth
  • Expired accounts are locked, deactivated and archived
  • manual accouts only on request and with expiry date (summer schools, trainings, ...)
  • the course offerings are arranged by semester, by faculty and institute
  • previous semesters are archived semester by semester under "Other semesters
  • Waiting list plugin with setting the start time and the option "Enable automatic registration"
  • Every authenticated user can apply for courses (for the current semester) entered in LSF via Moodle: Course overview "Apply for course" button

On the Moodle platform, courses are actively maintained for 2 years. After that the courses are left inactive on the server for 1 year and then archived.

The used Moodle version offers various features (content management, course management) for teachers.

We are happy to support you in migrating existing courses to the new platform.

Suggestions and feedback regarding the platform and its modules are welcome, e.g. by Email.

Further information about Moodle can be found at

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