Wi-Fi Instructions

For a common selection of operating systems, you will find detailed instructions below for using the Wi-Fi on campus.

Even if your platform is not one of the supported operating systems, it is often possible to use it. With standards-compliant 802.1X implementations on other platforms, it should be possible to use OvGU-802.1X Wi-Fi on all systems. The following information should be sufficient to allow you to configure the client software. Preferred settings are underlined.


Settings for PEAP

Settings for TTLS

Network name (SSID) eduroam
Security type WPA2-Enterprise WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption WPA2 with AES WPA2 with AES
Key-Management WPA-EAP WPA-EAP
Network authentication PEAP TTLS
Inner authentication MS-CHAP v2 PAP
Username/Login Your username Your username
Password Your password Your password
Domain uni-magdeburg.de uni-magdeburg.de

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