Printing and copying costs

On all printers which are provided by the University Computer Centre, uniform prices apply.

An A4 printout or A4 copy in black and white costs 3 cents per page. In colour 6 cents per page.
For printouts or copies on A3 the double price will be charged.
A two-sided printout is charged as 2 normal pages.

Different prices apply to the plotters of the University Computer Centre.
The prices are between 8 and 10 Euro per running meter, depending on the type of paper.

Scans are charged with 0 cent.


Size Price black and white
Price color Material
A4 0,03 € 0,06 € 80g/m² paper | 120g/m² paper | OHP foil
A3 0,06 € 0,12 € 80g/m² paper | 120g/m² paper
  • Price per page
  • On the printers in the computer pools of the URZ, an additional fee (one A4 page black and white) per print job is charged for the separator sheet.
  • The availability of A3 and the materials is different on the devices.
Poster printing in the URZ Price per meter example prices
A0 A1* A2*
coated paper 8,00 € 6,73 € 4,75 € 3,36 €
photo paper 10,00 € 8,41 € 5,94 € 4,20 €
When the printout is rotated 90° (default setting)
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