This service is not available due to the COVID19 pandemic!

The URZ has a broad portfolio of high-quality notebooks, projectors and presenters, which are offered for short-term projects (e.g. presentations, projects, business trips) or for temporary bridging of bottlenecks (e.g. due to system failures) for loan to members of the OVGU.

The maximum loan period is 2 days for projectors and presenters and 4 weeks for laptops. Individual changes by arrangement are possible.

The application form can be found in the customer portal.
Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to it-service@ovgu.de

Information for lending laptops

  • Laptops must be ordered at least 1 day in advance as the device still needs to be prepared.
  • When delivered, you do not have administrator rights on the device. Consequently, you cannot install any programs and/or make any changes to the device. A selection of standard software is already installed.

Last Modification: 30.08.2020 - Contact Person: IT-Service