VPN access

Access to many services or data is restricted to computers that have an IP address from the address space of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (141.44.xxx.xxx). Computers with other addresses (e.g. public Internet Service Provider) are rejected. However, if you use a VPN access, your computer will communicate virtually via the tunnel with an IP address from the address space of the OVGU Magdeburg. In this way you are identified as a member of the OVGU Magdeburg and can access corresponding information.

If your platform is not one of the supported operating systems, it can often be used. The following information should be sufficient to enable you to configure the client software.

VPN type IPsec with XAUTH
Server (Host) vpn.ovgu.de
Group Authentication Name vpn1
Group Authentication Password vpn1
Username your OVGU username
Password your password
Information on using eResources of the library of the campus network (external use): ➜ read here


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