Poster service for structural units

    This service is not available to students and institutions of the Faculty of Medicine / University Hospital!

    The URZ offers a poster service for structural units of the OVGU. A printout on the DIN format A2 to A0 and banners is possible. Billing is on a cost center basis. Information on printing costs and available papers can be obtained via the order portal..

    to the order portal


    For technical reasons borderless printouts are not possible.

    Notes for posters of EU funds (e.g. ESI, ESF, EFRE)

    Please do not use semi-colons or long dashes (–) in the field of the project and for the period. Depending on the used program and operating system, this character will not be saved correctly and transmitted incorrectly to the URZ. Please use a simple minus sign or the word "until" for time periods.

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