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Lizenz Campus license with Citavi-Account Plattformen Windows Version 6.x Hersteller Swiss Academic Software Nutzer all institutes Zielgruppe Staff, Students


Download from Citavi


  1. Download
    First download the free version "Citavi Free": (Technical information for download:
  2. Installation
    Install "Citavi Free".
    "You can use 'Citavi Free' on any number of computers for an unlimited period of time." []
  3. Licensing

    Starting with version 6.x, you need a Citavi account for licensing (license keys are no longer used). As an employee or student of the OVGU, the account can be requested at
    "Log in to the ... When you start Citavi, log in with your Citavi account credentials. Citavi learns whether you have a (personal, note) license for Citavi 6. If you do not have a Citavi 6 license, you can store a maximum of 100 titles in a Citavi project.
    If you have stored your projects in the Citavi Cloud, Citavi recognizes which projects you have created yourself in the Cloud and which projects you have been invited to contribute to by logging in with your Citavi account.
    You no longer need to worry about license keys."
    "You may use your license (Citavi for Windows, note) on any computer, but you may not make it available for use by others." []

  4. Import settings file for "Scopus
    In order to search directly from Citavi in the licensed database "Scopus", you have to authenticate (log in).
    Download the settings file (only possible from the OVGU network) and import it into Citavi. The import is done under "Tools \ "Import/export settings". \ "Import settings ...". (A project must be selected beforehand).

Note: Citavi now as a cloud solution

The geographical location where the data is stored depends on the type of data:

  • Personal data: Dublin (Ireland) data centers
  • Content data of the projects: Data centers in Frankfurt and Magdeburg; T-Systems is the data trustee here.

No cloud requirement! Two options for storing the projects:

  • As before, as a local file on your own hard disk or on the local network.
  • New since Citavi 6: In the Citavi Cloud.

The user can freely choose the location per project.

Attention! The default saving location is the cloud!

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