GitLab is a web application for version management of software projects based on git.

The central GitLab server of OVGU can be reached at

Accounts for OVGU staff/students will be set up on request. The OVGU account is used for login.

To apply for your own project, please fill out the form on the German version of this page. The form should (must) include a contact person responsible for the project, basic project information (description, staff/students involved) and an estimated duration of the project for revision.

Users who leave us must themselves hand over their projects to other users.

The GitLab server is not designed to be a tool for backing up or storing large amounts of data. This is done using the central group drives CIFS/NFS, which are provided by the URZ.

After providing your access authorization, please log in to GitLab with your OVGU account so that we can then grant you permission to create repositories.


User documentation for GitLab can be found at

Documentation on using Git is available at

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