Mailbox full

Please try to clear storage space first before the quota of your INBOX is allocated more space.


Please follow the steps below to do this:

Step 1: Log in to webmail

Step 2: Purge deleted emails permanently

  • Select Other in the upper right corner and then select Purge deleted
  • Attention! Only the marked mails in the INBOX will be permanently deleted.
  • Apply this step to all other folders in your mailbox if necessary.

Step 3: Clean up folders

  • Display all folders (including the hidden folders).
  • Select Folder Actions and then Show All Folders
  • Folders to clean up

    • Trash/Papierkorb
    • Sent/Gesendet
    • Spam/Junk
    • Drafts/Entwürfe
  • Create a trah bin if necessary

Step 4: Configure automatic emptying of folders


  • Toothed wheel ➜ Preferences➜ Mail
  • Deleting and Moving Messages
  • Purge Trash how often:


  • Toothed wheel ➜ Preferences➜ Mail
  • Sent Mail
  • Purge sent mail how often:


  • Toothed wheel ➜ Preferences➜ Mail
  • Spam Reporting
  • Purge Spam mailbox how often:

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