Webmail - common problems

Saved address books and contacts are no longer suggested or cannot be found

Unfortunately, saved contacts and mail addresses cannot be imported from webmail to another mail client.

Folders and groupings of mails can no longer be viewed

In virtual directories mails can be grouped or are marked as read / unread. If the directories are virtual, they are linked to the webmailer and cannot be accessed by other mail clients. The mails should be retrievable in general, but their grouping will be lost on any new mail client.

If you use the email client 'Thunderbird', the own mailbox can be subscribed to show missing folders. In the following dialog all desired folders can then be selected.


Folders cannot be subscribed to, even if there is permission for viewing them

The error is already known. A solution is already being worked on.

The maximum file size for uploads is currently limited to 2MB

An increase in the value is currently still being tested.

When I go to webmail.ovgu.com/roundcube/ or webmail.ovgu.com/preview/, I get the error message "Forbidden"

We activate the application in stages. If you get this error message, the application is not yet enabled for your area. Please try again later.

I have set a bookmark to webmail (e.g. https://webmail(er).ovgu|uni-magdeburg.de/login|logout.php), but get an error message that the page has not been found (404)

Please delete the existing bookmark. Open webmailand set a new bookmark or overwrite the old one.

Rules for Filter

The function of the filters should be preserved, but the designation of these is currently lost. If filters have been created, you should still be able to find them in the list.

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