Own videos

In addition to lecture recordings, it is also possible to store other (own) video material on the Mediasite server. This can be teaching videos, recordings of conferences, project descriptions, etc. Videos that are to be imported must be in MP4 format.

Requesting an event recording

It is possible to record events in the lecture halls using the URZ's Mediasite service. The recorded events can then be made available to a special user group (e.g. students of a seminar), campus-wide or generally to the public. If you would like to use this service, please contact in good time.

Event recording

It is possible to record (teaching) events and make them available via our Mediasite server.

When recording lectures, slides (or presentations used in a lecture via a beamer or document camera) can be recorded in addition to the camera signal. This means that both the image of the lecturer and the presented slides are available to the student in the video stream.

The videos are managed according to the organisational structure of the OVGU (faculties, institutes, chairs, central facilities, etc.). The release of the videos can be determined individually (university members, participants of a course)


  • The recording of the slides can only be played on the media site and cannot be made available as a video.
  • In the lecture halls, the white camera is used for recording. The camera angle is fixed and cannot be changed.

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