Personal homepage

Activation of the personal homepage and if necessary the database for the personal homepage

  • Account-ServiceTo OVGU-account administration
  • In the section Changeable personal dataActivate personal homepage (and if necessary database for personal homepage)
  • Within half an hour, a publicly accessible web directory will automatically be created and an Email with information about the webpage will be sent to your OVGU Email address.

Access to the personal homepage for editing

Unix systems:

  • ssh <OVGU-Account>

Windows systems:

  • Open WinSCP or another SFTP-compatible program
    • Account:
    • computer name:
Information: The server is only accessible within the OVGU network. From outside please use VPN.

Your web directory on domicil is:

  • /import/home/phtml/

Connect Windows network drive:

  • \\\phtml\

Open PHPMyAdmin (MariaDB)

Open homepage

  • After successful activation of the new homepage, it is immediately accessible under
  • or - will be accessible one day after activation.

Access rights

The access rights for the directory .../phtml/ must not be changed for security reasons! The rights are reset regularly!

Directory 'data'

The directory 'data' is created with special rights when activating phtml and should not be deleted by the user.

The rights for the directory /import/phtml//data are changed in a way that apart from the user only the user wasecgi, under whose rights the web server runs, can write in the directory 'data' and create files which are created with his own scripts.

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