Videokonferenzen mit DFNconf / Pexip

Based on the conference service of the German Research Network DFNconf, the computer center provides a possibility to organize video and web conferences in different stages of expansion. These can be simple video calls, but also multipoint conferences with many participants at different locations.

Organizer of a video conference

All OVGU staff have the option of planning and organising a video conference. The login using the DFN-AAI service and the OVGU account

Here you will find information about the creation of a meeting room and here you can go directly to the login as meeting organizer.

Participant of a video conference

Meeting participants who have received an invitation to a meeting and only want to attend need not register for the service.

Normally you receive the invitation in an Email that contains various ways to access the meeting room. Select the type of participation that is suitable for you.

The DFN does not impose any restrictions on participants, so external parties (e.g. partners in industry and business or similar) may be invited and participate.

Access methods / Dial-in options

Access method Notice Documentation
Web-Access Browser based access Link
Pexip Client Native client with more functions; available as app for Android and iOS Link
SIP / H.323 Dial-in with a device that supports the SIP or H.323 protocols Link
Phone Dial-in via telephone e.g. in case of very restrictive security regulations of the network used or if video conferences are not desired / allowed Link
Skype for Business Skype in the Business version allows a dial-in with "". Link

Test Call Service

The DFN provides a meeting room for self-testing.

With one call you can test the connection to the meeting server, your video and your microphone. You will receive some instructions and your video and audio will be sent back to you (with a 2 second delay to hear yourself). After about 20 seconds, the connection is automatically terminated.

Here is the access information:

Access method URL / Dial
Pexip Client
H.323 00491009791
Phone 0049302009791
Skype for Business

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