WLAN / Wifi at OVGU

  • mobile device with WLAN / Wifi adapter
  • You have a valid OVGU account at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg or an institution participating in a roaming network.
  • Network connection via WLAN is configured for the automatic obtaining of an IP address via DHCP.
  • Installed certificate: T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
Name (SSID)
OvGU-802.1X WPA2 + AES 802.1x + PEAP - MSCHAPv2
802.1x + TTLS - PAP
OvGU-Guest none WebAuth
OvGU-Event WPA2 + AES Pre-shared Key
eduroam WPA2 + AES 802.1x + PEAP - MSCHAPv2
802.1x + TTLS - PAP

OvGU-802.1X (default access)

The wireless network "OvGU-802.1X" enables users to access the campus network as well as TCP-based services (e.g. Web/Mail) in the Internet from the WLAN without having to install additional software. In modern operating systems, support for 802.1X technology is often already built in, so that access only needs to be configured accordingly.

OvGU-Guest (Guest access Individuals)

The OvGU-Guest network provides guests with easy access to the Internet.
Accounts have to be applied for by the host via e-mail at it-service@ovgu.de specifying the period of validity of the account.

OvGU-Event (Guest access Events)

For events, the organiser should contact it-service@ovgu.de in time with the relevant request and communicate the following points:

  • Period (from when to when does the event run)
  • Location (where the event will take place - please specify as exactly as possible)
  • Number of participants (approx. number of expected participants)
  • Contact person responsible for questions of the URZ

Eduroam (Guest access from other universities)

The eduroam network enables WLAN users to access the network infrastructure of other universities as well as services on the Internet without restrictions. For this purpose, users with an account from University A are allowed to log on to the network of University B with this account, as long as both universities participate in roaming. This means that guests from other universities can use the WLAN / Wifi (eduroam) at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.

Last Modification: 15.11.2019 - Contact Person: IT-Service