Move spam to folder on cyrus accounts

Please note our hints on filter rules in webmail:

To distinguish spam from normal email you can create a rule for automatically moving spam to a separate folder.

This manual describes the necessary steps for creating such a rule in Cyrus accounts. If you are a user of our exchange service please see here for a corresponding manual: Move spam to separate folder on Exchange

Setting up automatic movement of spam to a spate folder is done within the webmail environment (please consider our hints on filter rules You should not set up these rules using a mobile device, because the mobile view is not optimized for creating rules.

  1. Open in your webbrowser.
  2. Login with your OVGU account (which is not your email address) and your password
  3. Create a new folder to which spam-mails should be moved
    1. On the folder list on the left side click on “Folder Actions
    2. Chose “Create Mailbox

    3. Enter the name of your new spam folder. In our example we call it “MyJunk”. After that click “OK

  4. Move your mouse to the top menu over the item “Mail” Click on “Filters

  5. Click on the “spam Filter” rule.

  6. Now check (and if necessary change) if the “spam Level” value is "5". Then, click on “Select target folder:” and choose the folder you created beforehand (in our example MyJunk).

  7. Now click on “Save and Enable
  8. Click on “Return to Rules List”.
  9. Check if the spam Filter rules is defined before (above) your Vacation rule (even if vacation is disabled). If this is not the case, move the spam Filter rule above the vacation rule by moving your mouse over the icon of your spam Filter rules until the pointer changes to an 4-arrow icon. Now click and hold the left mouse button and drag the rule above. Release the mouse button for saving the new order.


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