Webmeetings with Zoom X

The OVGU has agreed a university-wide subscription with the Deutsche Teloekom to use the Zoom X Education product.

This subscription allows the use of Zoom X Meetings for all members of the university and differs from the free basic license in the following points:

  • Meetings for up to 300 participants
  • No time limit for meetings
  • further additional functionalities

A Zoom X meeting offers the following features:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Chat
  • lockable meetings
  • virtual backgrounds


The registration can be done via https://ovgu.zoom-x.de with the personal OVGU account.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact it-service@ovgu.de

Restrictions on the use of Zoom X

No conferences on this service may be held on the following topics:

  • Applications
  • Appeal procedure
  • Other confidential contents

The DFNconf solution can be used for the mentioned purposes. Alternatively, the Big Blue Button installations of the Faculty of Computer Science or the Faculty of Mathematics can be used. However, this should only be used for conferences with a small number of persons.

The use of Zoom X is voluntary. Every user can decide voluntarily whether he/she wants to use this tool. The conscious handling and protection of personal data, both personal and external, always remains the responsibility of the respective user.

Please note that Zoom X has concluded data processing agreements with various partners. The list of partners that process Zoom X data can be found at https://zoom.us/de-de/subprocessors.html

It is recommended that you use a pseudonym instead of a name, unless a clear name is absolutely necessary for the discussion group you have called. This means that uninvolved parties do not receive any indication of your actual identity.

It is not permitted to send files between participants within the conference. Please use the technical possibilities usual at the OVGU for the distribution of files.

The option of cloud use offered by Zoom X is not activated for the OVGU.

Avoid discussing personal details in the conference.

The information on the responsible body, the contact details of the data protection officers and your rights regarding the processing of your personal data can be found in the OVGU's data protection declaration at: https://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/privacy+policy-p-64704.html


More information and manuals can be found here.

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