FollowMe Printing

What is FollowMe?

With the FollowMe method your print job is not immediately passed on to a printer. Instead, it is "printed" into a virtual queue. There all your print jobs are held until you release the print on a printer of your choice. The exact printer is determined at the moment the job is actually printed and not in the print dialog of your application. The printing costs incurred are also charged from the print credit until the job has been released on the device.

Baustelle FollowMe is currently being expanded across the whole campus.
Multifunctional devices, which already support FollowMe, can be identified by the following logo:


This is shown on the display of the multifunction device.

For personal devices and company smartphones, visit the website from the OVGU data network. Follow the installation instructions for your operating system.

Detailed instructions

Via the Web Portal (only accessible from the OVGU data network) you can also submit print jobs to the FollowMe queue. Please note the hints and limitations of this functionality.

Send an Email from your OVGU Email address to

You can find information about releasing a print job here.

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