Print accounts

Personal print accounts

Every student and every staff member will automatically generate a print account.
For guests of the OVGU the print account is not automatically generated. A print account can be generated by a justified request to the IT-Service by the host.

The starting credit of the print account is 0.00€ (Euro). The maximum credit is 50.00€.

The recharge of the print account can be done at different places on campus.

In the foyer of the University Computer Center at the IT service terminal, the print account can be charged with the Mensa credit of the student card, the employee card, the library card (white version with current OVGU logo) or with the Mensa card. The minimum amount for charging the print account is 3.00 euros.
Please note: The credit on the cards is separate from the credit on the print account. An active debit is made from the card when the print account is charged.

In the University Library and in the passageway of building 09 (opposite the Information and Security Service) the charging of the print account can be done with cash, giro card and credit card. To log on to the terminal, a student card, employee card, library card (white version with current OVGU logo) or Mensa card is required. In case of card payment, the minimum amount for charging the print account is 5.00€.

The University Computer Center tolerates an overdraft of the print account up to a current amount of 5.00€.

Shared print accounts for structural units

The University Computer Centre created shared print accounts based on the cost centers for each faculty, institute, chair, department, and central facility.

Each employee of the OVGU can generally debit the shared print account of his or her assigned cost center. If other persons (e.g. guests) should be allowed to debit the common print account, please contact the IT-Service.

Order printouts also debit a cost center of the ordering structural unit. Corresponding print jobs receive a note with the order reference number of the ordering party.

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